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About Me

My name is Joseph Ellis (1998-present) and I consider myself an optimistic reviewer. I rate movies out of five stars and I say three and a half stars or more means I recommend it but sometimes I will suggest that lower rated movies should be seen by a specific audience. Check out my “News” category for any new articles I’ve written, see my "Greatest Films" where I look at movies with a 5 star rating that really have stood the test of time by being at least 25 years old and also be sure to check out my "Reviews" section for all my latest theatrically released movie reviews of movies both of the past and present. To view all my ratings go click on this word "Ratings" and it will take you to IMDB. There you will see the rating the site has got from all of the votes and near the bottom of each film's section it will tell you how much I have given it. This site is rated out of 10 instead of out of 5, which I prefer, so you'll have to divide by two and also they sadly don't have a zero stars option so some of the films will say 1/10 but that's because I can't give it 0/10.


Here are some pieces of trivia about me:
The worst films I’ve seen are "Troll 2" and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III”

My favourite film is “Casablanca”

My favourite movie villain is H.A.L 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey”

I have correctly predicted the 'Best Picture' Oscar winners for "The King's Speech", "The Artist" and "Argo"

My favourite director is Stanley Kubrick