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16 September 2013



Whether you know it won awards or that includes some of cinema’s most often quoted lines, everybody knows something about “Casablanca”. “Casablanca” is a movie that always pops up in quizzes or when you go to a shop that sells film memorabilia you’ll almost certainly see a poster for this film. It’s a movie that seems unfair to mention when I review most films because it’s just that good. It’s good because it is a perfect tale of romance with a great gallery of characters both leading and supporting. If there was ever such a thing as ‘the movie’ then “Casablanca” would at the very least be a candidate. This isn’t just a top marks film that has survived the test of time, this is at the highest of the highest and everybody should own “Casablanca”. Even if you’ve only seen it once or perhaps you haven’t quite got to finish it, the film will definitely be engraved into your mind and there it shall remain. This is cinema at its absolute best.