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The Great Dictator

16 September 2013

The Great Dictator


Charlie Chaplin can be said to be one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time and “The Great Dictator” was his only talking film as Chaplin didn’t like the idea of ‘talkies’ but felt if he could display an important message then it would be worthwhile doing. Chaplin plays a vicious dictator, who is clearly meant to represent Adolf Hitler whom Chaplin bared resemblance to, and a kind Jewish barber. The film utilises Chaplin’s perfect sense of humour to create a film that showcases the nastiness of the Nazis to the Jews but because of its style it is never too depressing to watch and it’s also an uplifting film that ends with a speech about democracy. Chaplin’s silent pictures are incredibly funny to say the least but here he pairs his genius slapstick comedy with a wonderful sense of morals and therefore becomes a moving experience. You’ve heard my view on it now but you’d probably like to hear what Hitler’s was (he saw it twice).