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24 November 2013

Idiocracy                                              3 ½ stars


“Idiocracy” is another feature-length comedy by Mike Judge, creator of tv’s “King of the Hill”. Taking notes from tv’s “Futurama” Judge doesn’t reach the bar he set with “King of the Hill” or his other film “Office Space” but this is certainly funny than his “Beavis and Butt-Head” show.

In “Idiocracy” an average guy named Joe (Luke Wilson “Old School”, “Legally Blonde”) gets frozen as part of military experiment but he gets forgotten about for 500 years and when he awakens he is a horrible future. This isn’t one where the rehabilitation programme is questionable like “A Clockwork Orange” or where we question what makes us human like “Blade Runner” but instead we are all a bunch of morons.

Luke Wilson isn’t especially funny but then the role almost requires him not to be anything special; if this had been Steve Martin (“Parenthood”) or Jim Carrey (“Liar Liar”) then this wouldn’t have worked. Maya Rudolph (“Bridesmaids”) stars a prostitute, who also gets frozen for 500 years and she is okay too. I do like Terry Crews (“The Expendables”) as the wrestler turned president because this character perfectly demonstrates what the whole future is like. Sadly there is no cameo (or any role) reserved for Judge himself like there was in “Office Space”.

“Idiocracy” could be a lot funnier but its ideas about the future are startling and funny simultaneously because it backs up with the theory that dumber people tend to breed more. I like the gag in this movie where the number one movie that won all the Oscars in the year 2505 is a film that simply shows a rear end for whole ninety minutes and I also like the joke about how water has been replaced by an energy drink in the future because water was deemed a threat to the energy drink company’s profits. Judge is better when he is commenting about what’s happening ‘now’ but this film is still very funny.