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27 November 2013

Sleeper                                                2 ½ stars


I think I’ve worked out what makes a good Woody Allen film (e.g. “Annie Hall”) and what makes a mediocre one (e.g. “Casino Royale”), well I think the less realistic it is, the less entertaining it is too. Using this you can gather a sci-fi comedy by him isn’t going to be anything special.

In this film Allen stars as health food salesman Miles Munroe, who gets frozen for 200 years and when he awakens America is a police state. Sure the movie has its moments but for the most part it just comes across as plain weird, especially with Allen’s trademark sex humour.

Woody Allen is the director and star of this film and here he plays his usual nervous self but it only works when it’s in a realistic kind-of situation. Even when he was a banker robber in “Take the Money and Run” I felt the boundaries of realism were pushed too far. I like Allen’s bleak overlook on human life that he gives in his better films but what I don’t care for is his slapstick comedy because he’s no Charlie Chaplin (“The Gold Rush”). I do like the scene where he comments on various people and things from the 20th century because again that goes back to Allen’s fascinating grimness. The other characters are okay but they don’t do anything to try and save the movie.

“Sleeper” doesn’t focus enough on the environment to make a great future world for the protagonist to find himself in and it isn’t critical enough to do what Allen does best and this is all because the film seems more interested in the physical gags such as the one where Miles is trying to impersonate a robot. If you find Allen funny as opposed to intriguing like I do, then you may find this movie entertaining but even still, I think we can agree this isn’t his best work.